Q.D.S. System Rear Sight with Dual Peep.

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The Quick Deploy Sight System features an automatic deploy system that springs the sight up with the push of a button. Sight locks positively in the folded and deployed positions and is made from aircraft quality aluminum and hard coated to military specifications.

When folded the sight measures just .435 inches from the rail.


The new Warne RAMP also offers unique 45 degree mounting rails on one or both sides of the optic. As you know, variable power optics are great for distance but not CQB scenarios. Additionally, CQB sights are great for close quarters and entry scenarios but not for distance shots or target ID. So which one do you choose? Why not have both? The RAMP provides exactly that. The primary sight can be as small as a 1-4 or as large as an 8.5-25 or larger variable power optic. With a mini red do on one or both sides of the ocular, an operator can transition from scope to dot to scope in less than a second by rotating the weapon 45 degrees left or right. While the technique is not new, the position of the red dot is. By placing the sight under the ocular of the scope, we have provided a wider field of view thru the mini red dot and made acquiring the dot in the sight faster than you can imagine. And once again, you won’t have to sacrifice your shooting position when transitioning from sight to sight. 

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