Complete rebuilt Colt M16A1 Part Kit

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Complete rebuilt Colt M16A1 Part Kit with new barrel

These parts are 1970’s era and were in service for a number of years before being put into storage and later de milled

-All exposed aluminum parts are re finished the original XM grey color ( we do not guarantee a color match to Nodak receivers as batches of grey tend to vary)

-All steel parts have been re parkerized dark grey

-These kits have new US made semi auto fire control parts including semi auto no tic selector to match the look of the original

-All of the action springs have been replaced with new mil-spec top quality springs

-Most buttstocks will have original rack numbers painted on them.

-New 20″ 1:12 twist M16A1 profile barrel with chrome lined chamber and bore Made by Green Mountain from 4150 steel

-New USGI butt plate frame and refinished trap door

-Includes original surplus silent sling and new USGI butt stock cleaning kit

-Original Furniture is all in good to excellent condition with no cracks or breaks most stocks will have original rack numbers painted on them

-Upper receiver comes completely assembled head spaced and test fired

– All you need to complete this kit is a proper A1 style lower receivers in XM grey and they are available from Nodak Spud LLC or Mckay Industries

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Dimensions 36 × 6 × 6 in


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